Buying a tent and camping kit for a festival

Festivals are tricky things. You want to be comfortable (and dry) but at the same time you know that you are going to be packed in like sardines – therefore best camping kit need not apply! Here are a few tips to get you through the typical summer festival with the minimum of kit and hassle.

  • Buy a cheap tent! You want to relax, not worry about drunken revellers falling on your 4 seasons extreme tent. (You may even choose to leave it in the mud and just go home)
  • We like the Quickpitch style tents for several reasons. Firstly they are unbelievably easy to erect, literally seconds. Next they are self-supporting and will not collapse if you guylines are taken out in the night. Lastly the poles are kept in-situ making them impossible to lose in the mud!
  • You may not have easy access to your car, so get a tent with enough room to stash essentials like food (but don’t leave anything valuable)
  • Get something colourful and distinctive – gives you a chance of finding it again!
  • Buy a brand like Gelert. You paid a lot for your ticket. Don’t spoil the weekend in a rubbish tent. Good brands can sell you a decent tent for surprisingly little money
  • Seek out one of the complete camping packs so you get tent, sleeping bags and sleeping mats at a discount package price
  • Don’t forget a basic stove and something to eat with. You will be the envy of everyone if you don’t need to trudge off to get a coffee
    Click here for more information on choosing the correct tent

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