Campfire tips – collecting wood

The secret to any good recipe is the ingredients and this certainly applies to the campfire itself. Here are a few tips from Camping Cooking to ensure a decent blaze.

  • Everybody knows to look for dead wood to burn. However the ground is not the best place to find it. Anything on the ground will inevitably have kept moisture in it
  • Look for branches that have broken off but are still suspended above the ground, caught in the other branches
  • Collect wood of different diameters for a successful campfire. You will need wood that graduates from matchstick-thin kindling up to your main fuel. Think of the wood in these categories:

Kindling – starts matchstick-thin so it lights with a match. Goes up to pencil-thin to form the basis of a real fire

Small wood – less than 2cm across. Once you have this lit you have the start of a proper fire

Main wood – more than 2cm across, but unless you are in a fixed camp then you are unlikely to need anything that you couldn’t break over your knee. If you are short of kindling then carve shavings from the main wood to help you get started

Please remember to leave the countryside as you find it and check back soon to Camping Cooking for further tips on the perfect campfire!

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