Choosing the correct camping stove

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a new camping stove for your trip.

How many people?
Can you manage with a personal cooking system like the Jetboil PCS, or do you need a double-burner to handle more than one pan at-a-time?

Are you car-based or backpacking?
If you are walking then compactness and weight are critical. If you are car-based then you might as well buy a bigger stove and have spare capacity – after all, the car is doing all the work!

What fuel?
Gas canisters are clean and convenient. Petrol is widely available but smelly. White gas is clean but expensive. Think about how long and where you are travelling. Can you get a refill?

Push-button igniter?Don’t trust them! Don’t rely on matches. Take a decent lighter with you just in case.

Does it come with a bag?
Keeps you and your surroundings clean. Protects your stove from knocks. This is a nice-to-have.

Working flame adjustment?
Check this in any stove review. If you can’t get a nice steady simmer then you can’t cook anything delicate. If you want to avoid everything sticking then you need an adjustment knob.

Any kind of wind protection?
Wind will rob heat and waste fuel. Look for an integrated wind cover (see Jetboil), or fashion some protection when cooking.

Do you need a grill?
If you like toast with your coffee, then you either need a grill or a folding toast rack (we just got hold of one of these and are itching to test it, check back soon).

White gas or petrol in a dual-fuel stove?
Petrol is a lot cheaper than camping white gas as sold in camping shops. People therefore wonder why they should bother with white gas if they have a dual-fuel stove. Well, white gas burns cleanly and lacks the noxious odours of petrol. If you want to cook inside a tent porch this is something to consider.

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