Cooking in a tent-is it a good idea?

Well, the first thing to say is that we are all responsible for our own actions, so take a serious look at your tent and decide if you really want to have a naked flame in there. Do not kid yourself that it is a good idea inside your snug one-man backpacker tent-it isn’t!

Having given the fairly obvious health warning (and acknowledged that many would probably say it is always a bad idea), in the real world many people do cook successfully and relatively safely under cover. Here are some tips if you choose to be one of them. Remember – take the risks seriously and don’t blame us if you burn down your tent!

  • check your tent has a fire retardant treatment
  • get a tent with a porch area and cook in that. Do not cook in an enclosed living space or on a floor of tent material
  • make sure you have plenty of headroom (if you can’t sit up it’s probably too low)
  • keep the stove away from the tent walls
  • never brew up while nicely zipped in your sleeping bag-how would you escape in a hurry?
  • get a penknife so you could cut out of your tent if you had to
  • keep the tent open for ventilation and escape
  • never allow children or pets near the stove
  • move pans slowly and deliberately
  • only use a level base
  • ALWAYS light your stove outside. Gas stoves can occasionally ‘flare’ and you don’t want this inside your tent!


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