Eurohike hollowfibre camping pillow review

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Today’s challenge – write an interesting review about a camping pillow!

You have two choices when buying a camping pillow – inflatable or hollowfibre. At Camping Cooking we prefer hollowfibre as it doesn’t feel like trying to sleep in a rubber dinghy!

Camping Pillow

Camping Pillow

The Eurohike hollowfibre pillow is a good example of the breed. We used this recently and can report:

The pros
Weighs very little (about 250g)
Quite comfortable
Resistant to squashing
Packs down to a 12x21cm tube

The cons
The bag is a bit small! Trying to stuff the pillow back in its bag is rather entertaining (for onlookers anyway).

Hard to get excited about a camping pillow, but this is actually a pretty good pillow, and great value at around a fiver.
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