Jetboil coffee press review

Here at Camping Cooking we are huge coffee fans, meaning we drink far too much of the dark stuff. However on trips we have been reduced roughing it with instant. Well, Jetboil now offers solution.

The coffee press has been designed to fit in with Jetboil’s minimalist approach to cooking. Built light but tough, the really cunning part is that the stalk breaks down so that the device can be stored inside the Jetboil cup. This means that you still only have to carry one device in your rucksack. Also the insulated cozy on the Jetboil cup means that the coffee stays hot while it brews-heed our warning about this insulation-it is so good you can burn yourself if you don’t allow it to cool down a bit.

We confess that we were sceptical-do you really need proper coffee on a camping trip? One go answered that question-an emphatic yes and we are not giving it back! We even picked up a clever tip and found out the filter part can be turned upside down to lift the grounds out of the mug, leaving your coffee ready to go in the insulated mug.

Now that Jetboil has developed frying and saucepan options, this coffee press addition to the range really means that Jetboil provides an all-in-one solution to your outdoor cooking needs.

At around fifteen quid we think the price is a little steep, but we are impressed by the way Jetboil have made a campsite luxury so easy to carry around. Fellow travellers will be amazed when you brew real coffee and then fry breakfast while they are still setting up their rival stoves. Why have instant when proper coffee is so easy?

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