Jetboil Companion Cup review

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The Jetboil Companion Cup is simply a spare insulated mug to use with your Jetboil stove. This means it has the same tough rubber lid, same neoprene insulation and same flux-ring base.

To recap on our original Jetboil review, the flux-ring does a good job in sheltering the burner from wind and ensures as much energy as possible is passed to the cup contents. We once again issue the warning that the insulation is so good that boiling water will stay scorching a lot longer than you might expect – be careful!

Another advantage of the companion cup is that it can be used to house spare gas canisters, allowing you to survive extended camps without having to find a camping store.

The Jetboil Companion Cup is a useful addition to your Jetboil PCS, allowing you to eat and drink at the same time!
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