Jetboil frying pan review

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Our faithful Jetboil always sits in our rucksack ready for duty, so we were interested to take a look at the frying pan that now forms part of the Jetboil range.

It comes as a regular frying pan with a twist, the special heat-catching fluxring in the base. This does four things. It makes for a very efficient heat transfer, saves fuel, keeps the wind off and gives a very solid connection to the stove. At about 8 inches in diameter it is about standard for a camping frypan and the handles seem both robust and well insulated.

The pan also comes with a plastic cover to protect the fluxring and double up as a plate – a nice touch. All in, Jetboil claim a sub-300 gram weight and this looked right on our scales. It is designed to work with the Jetboil pot support so that proper stability is ensured. As a side note, Jetboil’s own spatula is designed to be stored under the cover.

All in all, we reckon this is a really effective bit of kit. With the efficiency and speed of the Jetboil stove you can have a hot drink and be on the way to frying breakfast before your fellow campers have even got their brews. Sure, you can use a regular frying pan (with the pot support) and this works well, but you then lack the efficiency of the heat-catching flux ring, plus the ‘niceness’ inherent in Jetboil’s design.

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