Jetboil Pot Support And Stabilizer review

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If you have seen our previous review of the Jetboil stove, then you know that at Camping Cooking we are huge fans of this bit of kit.

However one of the perceived limitations of the Jetboil is that the cup is really only good for cooking drinks, soups or high-liquid content food. Well, we can report that this has been addressed with the new Jetboil Pot Support Stabilizer accessory.

What’s in the box? (well packet actually)
Very simple really, for between £10 to £15 you get a tough plastic folding set of legs plus a folding pan support. Once again Jetboil show their design skills as the legs firmly clip to a number of different sizes of gas canister and offer essential support for larger pots and pans. The pan support is just as clever as it folds out to offer a stable platform for kettles, pans, etc (up to 23cm bottom diameter and 3kg weight is quoted as max so should cover breakfast!)

Jetboil Pot Support & Stabilizer

Jetboil Pot Support & Stabilizer

Jetboil stabilizer

Jetboil stabilizer

Where do you store it?
Cunningly the whole lot still fits inside the Jetboil cup for storage. In fact we think it works better than not having it because it both protects the igniter and prevents the gas canister and the bottom of the stove touching each other. Best of all, total weight comes in at under 60 grams, so you won’t feel it on the trail.

So does it work?
Jetboil Pot Support & Stabilizer

Jetboil Pot Support & Stabilizer

We had a chance to try the Pot Support on a recent mountain biking trip. The picture below shows it with an optional large gas can as he was at a fixed camp. The kit worked brilliantly and offered efficient cooking with a range of pots and pans.

Is this better than using Jetboil’s own pots and pans?
In a word, no! This is a great bit of kit, but the built in heat-baffles of Jetboil’s own range of cookware will improve their efficiency and reduce gas use. However for sheer versatility (and low cost) this accessory is an essential item for any Jetboil owner.

If you have a Jetboil then you need this accessory. The Pot Support and Stabilizer makes your Jetboil an all-in-one cooking solution able to cope with the essential campsite fry-up. Click here for great deals on the full range of Jetboil accessories

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