MSR range of camping stoves explained-part one

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The MSR range of camping stoves is very comprehensive and should cover just about every requirement, from the fair weather camper to the hardcore adventurer. Camping Cooking took a look at the range and sought out user feedback to give an idea of what might suit you.

MSR split their range into three categories. More popular is likely to be the ‘Fast & Light’ stoves, as they are designed for everyday use where compactness is key. The range breaks down as follows:

The Whisperlite
Whisperlite is a white gas stove built for keeps in stainless steel and brass. Designed to be light, simple to use and easily cleaned and maintained. MSR claim a fuel burn-time of nearly 140 minutes using the standard fuel bottle. This stove has been around for years and the bottle/hose/burner format makes it easy to carry and store.

What’s the difference between the Whisperlite and Whisperlite International?
Simple – the International version is multi-fuel. It will burn white gas, kerosene, and unleaded petrol. The standard Whisperlite burns white gas camping stove fuel (sold in camping shops).

The Reactor (pictured at the top of this post)
This is MSR’s rival to the excellent Jetboil. The gas burner connects directly to a cooking cup featuring an efficient heat exchanger. All the components store inside the cup. This is an exciting stove and we’ll be reviewing it as soon as we can.

MSR Pocket Rocket
This is MSR’s attempt to build the smallest and lightest backpacker gas stove possible while retaining good performance. Users rave about its weight and its controllability. It is also lighter (and cheaper) than competitor’s titanium mega-cost stoves. If weight is your key concern then this is the stove for you.

The Superfly
The Superfly is another gas canister stove, but it is set apart by several features. Most useful is an adaptable head that fits different gas can types. It also features a large pot support so that it can carry a wider range of pots than the Pocket Rocket. This is a sturdy all-round stove. The autostart feature even saves on matches!

The Simmerlite
Another liquid fuel stove featuring a remote fuel bottle attached by a short hose. This stove burns white gas with a choice of accessory bottle sizes. The Simmerlite has been designed to support the largest camping cookware. By getting a larger bottle you are ready for more remote locations. A full review will follow soon.

Please check back soon as we will be examining the rest of the extensive MSR range of stoves.

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