MSR range of camping stoves explained-part two

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In the second part of our initial review of the MSR camping stove range, we’ll look at the ‘Basecamp’ range – a step up from the ‘fast & light’ stoves featured in part one. As the name suggests, these are not intended for the hiker or backpacker – for this look to a stove like the MSR Whisperlite.

These stoves are targeted more at the car camping market who will appreciate the emphasis on controllability (a simmer that works!) and the ability to support a wide range of cookware. The MSR Dragonfly and the Windpro are ideal if you need to do proper cooking for a family-sized group.
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The MSR Dragonfly
This is a multi-fuel stove with an extra large pot support for preparing real feasts. Run it on white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto fuel, diesel, and even jet fuel (where would you find this in the woods?). It has been designed to store in the matching MSR 2 litre pot. Full review to follow.

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The MSR Windpro
At just 7oz this is claimed to be the lightest remote canister gas stove on the market. It even comes with a windshield to make your fuel go further. If you are fed up building windbreaks from rocks then this is the stove for you. The Windpro is also small enough to fit in the matching MSR 1 litre cooking pot. You can find these stoves online for around £50, which is great value for a tough, reliable gas stove.
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Full reviews will follow on the entire MSR stove range, so check the site again soon!

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