MSR Whisperlite stove review and best deals

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MSR Whisperlite

We recently posted an overview of the MSR stove range so we thought we would take a closer look at their most popular stove, the MSR Whisperlite. First thing to do is to point out there are two models:

The Whisperlite is a white-gas only stove

The Whisperlite is a multi-fuel stove, (white gas, petrol or even kerosene)

The design of separate bottle/burner/flexible hose gives great stability compared to a burner sitting on top of a bottle. It also allows flexibility in packing for maximum convenience. Real-life users have a number of comments that might help you decide if this is the stove for you:

The pros
Never let us down in 9 years
Liquid fuel stove works well at low temperatures and pressures (altitude)
Easy to light (if you take the time to prime it properly)
Short boil times (noticeably quick compared to smaller stoves like the MSR Dragonfly)
Easy to strip for cleaning
Very clean burning on white gas (no smells)

The cons
Hard to adjust between simmer and blowtorch
You need to learn to prime it

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