Review of the Campingaz Chef gas camping stove

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We have already spotted the massive discount being offered on the Campingaz Chef stove, so we thought we’d take a closer look at its features and performance in the real-world.
Campingaz Chef stove

The Chef 3 burner stove has great features as a family-sized stove, including:

 2 Burner stove featuring a third radiant burner underneath for toasting bread, bacon etc…
 Folds down for easy storage and transportation
 For convenience and safety the push and turn knobs are child safe and allow for precise flame adjustment.
 Boil Time: 7mins
 Power: Stove = 2 x 2 300 Watt ; Grill = 1 100 Watt
 Gas consumption: Stove = 2 x 170 g/h ; Grill = 80 g/h
 Dimensions: L 52.5 cm, W 31 cm, H 22 cm
 Operating off Butane cylinders (Campingaz or others)Not Included
 Weight: 5.8kg

How does the Campingaz Chef perform?
Camping Cooking scoured user reports to find out what other people thought of the stove. The Chef stove consistently rates 4 out of 5 due to factors including:

Compact & Sturdy
Easy to unfold for use
Decent performance
Good instructions
Ability to use cheaper Calor gas cylinders (just get the right regulator (these are under a tenner))

In terms of negatives, some people felt that the grill was a little small. It works fine for toast, but would perhaps struggle with grilling sausages.

These abilities have actually made the Campingaz Chef stove the most sought out camping stove on the web! (we checked and it is the most googled stove on the planet). Check out the great deals below by clicking on the items.

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  1. […] This device promises to help with this problem. It consists of a round perforated metal base plate plus a number of flip up ‘arms’ designed to hold the bread at an angle to the heat source. The base sits on top of your standard camping stove and the idea is that the heat applied to the base will trickle up to nicely brown your toast. When not in use the arms fold in for easy storage. Gelert folding toast rack A minor problem experienced in our test is that the arms can spring loose and it then takes a bit of thinking to refit them correctly. Our advice is to take a quick look at the assembled device before use so you know how it fits back together! So, does it work? No. Simple as that. Once we figured out how to stop the arms springing away we rigged it on top of a small camping stove at full blast and waited. Then we waited some more. After 5 minutes the bread was only slightly warm so we gave up. It would go stale before it toasted properly! The camping toaster gets another raspberry because the arms don’t fold flat properly when you try and store it. Conclusion A pretty poor showing from the camping toaster. If you want a nice slice of bread with your food then we strongly recommend getting a double burner stove with a dedicated grill. We recently reviewed the Campingaz Chef stove which has exactly these features so click here to read our review on this much better toaster! […]