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The Satmap Active 10 has won a lot of friends in the last couple of years as people were attracted to the no-nonsense, tough looking exterior and excellent Ordinance Survey map coverage. While competitors like Garmin plugged away with their topographic maps, Satmap gave us the same 1:25 and 1:50 OS maps that we know and love.

Satmap Active 10

Satmap Active 10

What have the Satmap Active reviews said?
The full colour screen and ease of use have won Satmap good reviews and its multi-media capabilities (photos, movies, etc) make it more versatile than the average handheld GPS. The full OS mapping display give it a huge advantage from the off, but a modern phone can do all this, so the Satmap has to win on screen image, functionality and battery life.

One advantage of this size/format of GPS compared to a phone is that it has enough inbuilt options to operate independently of a PC – great if you are on the road. The same ease-of-use ethos goes for the mapping options. Maps come pre-loaded on SD memory cards – want another map? Just plug it in and go (but check out the map cost before making any purchase decision. The Ordinance Survey does not license its maps cheaply and this is reflected in the map card prices).

Reviewers have picked up on the apparent toughness of the case and the chunky buttons that are usable with gloved hands. A polycarbonate screen cover means that it is simple to give the screen a new lease of life when it gets scratched. While talking about the Satmap screen, it has been praised for its clarity even in sunlight.

With careful configuration of the energy saving options, reviewers recorded battery life of 9 hours plus – pretty good compared to our experience with Garmin handhelds and certainly better than anything we have achieved on a smartphone.

Also praised is the Satmap Active’s ability to program a route directly on the unit. If you have ever tried to enter a route on a Garmin Etrex or similar then you will understand how important this is! Another big advantage is the proper electronic compass. Unlike many GPS devices this unit will give you a compass bearing even when you are at a standstill.

Normal route tracking and import/export of tracks,routes and waypoints are covered, so this device is great if you like to plan and review your trips.

On the accessories front, the bicycle mount has won praise for being solid and secure in use. This is vital when using a unit this expensive.

But what did Active 10 buyers say?
Buyers have praised the packaging (strange but it is nice) and intuitive functionality (just as well because the instructions were not liked!). People loved the proper OS mappping and felt the UK National Parks 1:50k mapset was pretty good value at just £30. On the other hand if you want 1:25k mapping this can work out extremely expensive.

Many users reported that the Lithium Polymer battery pack supplied in the ‘Plus’ option pack gives much better battery life than standard AA batteries. Early models seemed to have a problem with satellite fix time, but this issue seems to have been resolved in later updates.

For our own use we normally favour a Windows Smartphone or Symbian-based phone for our GPS mapping. However if you want the extra screen size or simply want to keep your phone battery for making calls then we can see the benefit of these standalone GPS solutions. Certainly we prefer the real OS mapping on Satmap to any of the topographic maps offered by competitors. After all, if you are in the UK what use is a map if it doesn’t show legal rights of way like footpaths or bridleways?
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