Tips to improve your camping and caravanning security

On a recent trip in France we woke to find that several of our fellow campers had been ‘slashed’. Neat holes had been sliced in their tents so that thieves could reach in, with the loss of bags, wallets, car keys, etc. These thieves are unbelievable, even cutting multiple holes in each tent to try and find something of value while the occupants slept.

This happened on two separate sites during our travels, both rather nice sites in lovely rural settings. It shows that crime can never be ignored, no matter how perfect the setting.

We don’t want to spoil anyone’s holiday through worry, but it would make sense to take a few simple precautions. At Camping Cooking we put our heads together and came up with:

  • select your pitch carefully. Stay away from the edges of the site where outsiders can gain access. Be especially careful of riverbanks. We have heard of thieves wading across at night and also that fisherman’s access rights over riverbanks can offer a good way for the scoundrel to check out your valuables
  • never leave anything of value in an awning. Even decent camping chairs have been a popular target!
  • Check out the new beaded cable locks as a means of securing soft luggage like bike bags or surfboard bags. The link below shows one that Amazon stock
  • If you have a decent rucksack, take a look at some of the specialist rucksack locks from Pacsafe. They offer a simple means to secure your bag and its contents
  • chain your bicycle well. Rumours are circulating a Calais site at the time of writing that a single campsite lost 100 bicycles in one raid. Save yourself and invest in a really decent bicycle lock with maybe a padlock alarm like the one below
  • never have anything of value in your tent when it could be locked out of sight in the car (under alarm). Do not leave your car keys within reach of someone slicing open your tent in the night. Put them under your pillow or in a money belt or inexpensive walletsafe!
  • If you are keeping your documents in your vehicle then seriously consider a car safe. The one below gets good reviews in Amazon…think of the hassle if you lose your passports and credit cards….
  • Do not leave your car unattended whilst registering on arrival (seriously, we met people who got a brick through their car window in rural France while they were yards away in the office)
  • For a simple means to secure your documents when camping, check out the newest line in ‘soft’ travel safes. These are easy to carry but offer a decent level of protection

    and perhaps an off-the-wall idea to further deter these scumbags

  • get a large dog bowl and leave it in the open right outside your tent. Add a lead and a ground anchor to really get the message across
  • Have a great trip!

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