Tried and tested-Spork camping cutlery review

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Note this review applies to the original plastic spork.
Heralded as the ultimate in lightweight cooking cutlery, we were keen to get our hands on this all-in-one eating implement. If you haven’t seen it yet, the Spork combines a spoon, knife and fork in a single plastic implement, cutting both your pack weight and your washing up!

Initial impressions are good. The Spork is REALLY light. Like blow away in the wind light. Titanium may be cooler but it can’t compete on weight. The plastic also appears fairly resilient to snapping, so it should last a while in everyday use (but don’t try to lever anything open).

In use it is a bit of a mixed bag. The spoon end is fine (hard to mess that one up!). However it is maybe asking a bit much to combine a fork and knife on the other end. The tangs of the fork are a little short and wide compared to a table fork, adding strength but reducing its grip on food. The knife is the bigger problem, not because of any particular failing, but because it is hard to get the food to hold still while you saw away at it with a single implement! (We guess that’s why a knife and fork combo has generally become the norm in polite society).

Final thoughts – the Spork is a great concept and well priced. If you are a real kit weight watcher then it would be a useful backpacking tool. Otherwise check out the more traditional camping cutlery sets for a far easier way to eat!
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