Vango Beta tent range review

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Vango has had some success with the Milano tent range, as supplied exclusively to Blacks and Millets over the last few months. With this tent becoming impossible to find, it is worth noting that the Vango Beta tent range is actually a very similar tent with dimensions that are almost an exact match. In fact, the Vango Beta has an advantage over the Milano in that it includes a PVC window in the living area to let in additional light.

Vango Beta tent

Vango Beta tent

As with the Milano, the Vango Beta comes in 3 sizes to cater for 2, 3 or 4 people. It also shares the following key features:

  • As one or flysheet first pitching
  • Mesh doors for insect-free ventilation
  • Rain gutters to keep water away from the zip
  • Pre-attached guylines with integral tidies

Read our review of the Milano 3 to get a better idea of what the Vango Beta is all about.

Who is the Vango Beta tent for?
The Beta is built to offer maximum living space for small groups. The height of the living space makes it really usable should the weather turn nasty – perfect for extended trips.

So what do buyers of the Vango Beta say?
Buyers mentioned that these tunnel tents can take slightly longer to erect than a simple dome tent, but accepted that this trade off was worth it because of the massive living space available. As usual with Vango tents, people were happy with the build quality. It was also reported that the 2000HH rating has no problem keeping out foul weather. On the negative side we did find a report of a broken tent pole, but this seems to be an isolated case (and Vango sell an awful lot of tents).
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