What is the minimum kit for a successful camping trip?

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If you are an experienced camper then you know what you want. If you are a backpacker then you need to spend time getting the right combination of cost, weight and packability. However if you are just planning your first trip then it is important not to get too carried away in your camping store. A few choice purchases should get you up-and-running without breaking the bank.

We have tried to come up with the absolute essentials to help anyone shopping for a first-time camping trip.

A Tent
No-brainer. Take a look at our article about choosing the correct tent

A sleeping bag
Check out here for a great selection. Don’t pay too much for all season capability if you are a fair weather camper doing the odd Summer weekend.

A camping mat
The ground is cold, hard and unforgiving. You will only try it once!Try here for a selection…

A pillow
Roll up a fleece or get a small camping pillow

A camping stove
Infinite variety in cost and design. Take a look here to pick the right one for you

A lighter
Don’t struggle with damp matches. Get a proper lighter

Cooking pot and frying pan
You just need a basic set to start. Look for light weight and packability if you are backpacking (but this will cost more). You can find a great selection of camping cookware here

Plastic plates
Get a picnic set from your local supermarket. Dirt cheap.

Supermarket again (although the camping specific stuff does have that ‘trick’ quality to it)

Washing up bowl
Supermarket yet again.

We think this is the minimum you need. Please post a comment if we forgot anything!
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