Zippo lighter review – let there be fire!

A reliable lighter is essential to the outdoor enthusiast and it doesn’t get any more proven than the Zippo windproof petrol lighter. Here at Camping Cooking we never go anywhere without one, but aside from the simple visceral pleasure of using a Zippo, why has it become such an icon over the last 70 years? We put our heads together and came up with a few good reasons…

  • Let’s be honest, it has the ‘cool’ factor going for it. The new ‘turbo’ style gas lighters may burn hotter, but can you really wave one of those new mini-lightsabres around in the pub without feeling geeky?
  • It is as complicated as a knife and fork. Strip it, repack it, fit new flints and wicks. Have faith that there is no plastic to break at a bad moment. Bond to your lighter in a way you never could with a disposable
  • You can refill it with almost anything flammable if you get in a jam. Petrol, aftershave, nail polish remover – everyone has their favourite emergency fuel. However please note that the smells can be a bit dodgy! Also PLEASE do not try and fill your Zippo from a garage fuel pump – this spells danger and mess
  • You can get a spark to light your camping stove or Jetboil even when the lighter is out of fuel
  • You can hold it aloft and tell which way the wind is blowing
  • You can polish a steel Zippo and use it as a very effective signalling mirror (or to check your hair)
  • You can waste lots of time learning the tricks (see Youtube for inspiration)
  • I can sit on mine (not on purpose you understand) and it doesn’t break
  • It makes a pretty good candle to see by
  • It looks better with every scratch and scrape
  • It feels individual, even if everyone else has one
  • Good parts supply and indestructibility and a classic image means you can pass it to your children as an heirloom

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